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Why You Should  Choose a Professional Photographer and Have Your Images Printed

Nearly everyone has access to a camera  and can quickly upload photos to their favorite social media site which is great!  Families can also go to the corner drug store and quickly get prints made. Photos are simply  the best way to document and treasure loved ones, milestones and the memories that are made everyday. Images and the ability to print those images has never been more accessible. However, as we go about our busy lives of working, taking care of family and home, creating physical photographs to pass along to our children can be one those things that we never get around to, until its too late. And honestly,  when was the last time everyone was in the family photo looking fantastic? This is true for me and for most with a family. As a photographer I have a huge amount of images of my children.....but I am in hardly any of them because I am usually behind the lens. If you were to go look through your phone right now at your family photos, how many are you in? How many have everyone together? How many would you go print  and frame or put in an album? That's if  f you had the time lol! Even if you had pictures that included everyone, did the person you gave your camera to capture the personality, characteristics, and love that is your family? Would you want that image seen by your future decedents? What would they know about your from the photograph? Or, do they not have access to it at all because it never got printed and no one knows where you saved the digital files?

How many people have an album or  portraits displayed in their home that reflects the personality, connection, love, legacy and character of their family?

There are lots of factors to consider when investing in professional portraits and printed images but two of them really stand out to me:

              "the legacy you want to leave for generations and the expertise of the person documenting your legacy."

When my grandfather passed we all got together to reminisce and talk about the childhood we had. Regrettable there were not a lot of pictures of us as children or of our other family members. The ones that were  in the albums were of us looking awkward or silly. They didn't really capture who we were--our personalities and interests at the time. Primarily because the person taking the picture was just pushing the button on the camera with no real goal of trying to capture the uniqueness that was our family. While I loved that my grandfather was the go to camera person, it also meant that we only had a few pictures of him, and none of him with everyone together.  This is where your investment in a professional photographer comes into play. IF you have selected the right photographer, they are going to be able to create a imagery  that is a reflection of you and your family and the journey that you are traveling called life. That journey will be captured though the help of posing, props, and editing that truly reflects your legacy as a family. Your photographer can capture your family to bring out the character and personality of each one of you.  The ability for your children and their children's children to look back on  memories and family from times past is a priceless gift that will be treasured for generations.

Why should you get your images printed using a quality print lab?

 So of course you know that access to digital files can be lost or accidentally deleted, so you have decided to get your photgraphy printed. Yes the corner store can print your images, but are you really that weird shade of orange? Why in the world does your images not look like the photos your photographer sent you! No worries, its not the photographer, its the print quality of the lab you used. The old saying 

"you get what you pay for" 

is definitely true. Expertise cost and so does quality. Years from now you will want to have your memories visible to you as accurately as possible, without having to worry that your images have changed colors or begin to fall apart.  Your children deserve to have their childhood recorded and enjoyed, creating special moments as they grow into adults to gather around an album reminiscing on times past. Your decedents will loving jockey to see  who gets to keep the family portrait  in their home keeping their connection to your family's legacy. Your family stories matter and deserve to be printed. Your family's character and personality deserved to be captured and transformed into the masterpiece that is uniquely you.